自学考试英语二经典句型可以帮我们提升作文的亮点,例如:Nowadays, there is a growing concern over the issue of…,Recently the issue of …has been brought to public attention.等。



【写作模版1】 ⑴The table/figure/graph/chart shows that from________to_______ . ⑵ It is self-evident that,___________.⑶ Three possible reasons contribute to___________.

(4)One reason is that_________; (5) another reason is that __________.(6)For instance,____________.(7)What's more___________.(8)As a result,______________.

(9)However, in my opinion___________ . (10 )For one thing,_________, For another, __________ . To sum up,____________________.





Directions: Write an English compositionin 120-150 words according to the instructions given in Chinese.





To whom it may concern:

I’ve learned that an art exhibition is to be held and that you’re collecting suggestions on its location. I’m writing this letter to share with you my opinions.

In my opinion, it is more advisable to hold the art exhibition in Shanghai Museum than in community libraries. My reasons are as follows.

On one hand, it is more convenient for people to get to Shanghai Museum which is located in the center of the city. And the museum is much more spacious than community libraries, which provides visitors with a more comfortable environment for appreciating art.

On the other hand, as a well-known museum, Shanghai Museum is more professional and experienced in holding art exhibitions. Its professional security guards and advanced facilities can better protect those famous paintings from being damaged or stolen.

Therefore, I suggest the exhibition be held in the museum.



When it come to (the career choice),different people hold different views.Some contend that (you should be committed to a lifetime career).For one thing,(you must show you loyalty).For another( you can have more room to improve yourself in one protessional.)

In spite of all these claims,others maintain that( you can change jobs fairly often),and they point out that(job-hop canbroaden your horizons). Another instance often cited is that (is that you can have better chance to earn more durin the process of job-hop).

It’s no easy task to find a satisfactory answer to the issue.As for me,there’s some truth to both arguments. It’s a advisable to (make your choice depending on a ccording to your context).



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